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Merrick School of Business

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

The M.S. in Innovation Management and Technology Commercialization is a 30-credit degree program.  

Required Courses [21 credits]
IMTC 601 Business for Entrepreneurs and Innovators (3)  
IMTC 750 Introduction to Innovative Management and Technology Commercialization (3)  
MGMT 760 Organizational Creativity and Innovation (3)  
MKTG 762 Market Opportunity Analysis (3)  
IMTC 790 Managing the Growing Technology Firm (3)  
IMTC 791 Resource Acquisition for Technology Ventures (3)  
ENTR 795 Entrepreneurship Practicum (3)  

Electives [9 credits]

Select three courses from the following:

ENTR 771 The Design-Business Link (3)  
IMTC 761 Patents, Trademarks and Technology  
IMTC 792 Innovation in Developing and Emerging Economics (3)  
MKTG 770 Product Development (3)  
Open    Any additional elective as approved by the program director. (3 credits)