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Merrick School of Business

Inaugural Class of Entrepreneurship Fellows

Bios for the Inaugural Class of Entrepreneurship Fellows

In a nutshell, the first class of the Entrepreneurship Fellows are partners in one of the University of Baltimore's most innovative academic programs. These six undergraduates, each with a passion for new ventures, embark on a educational journey where the sky is the limit. They are serious about entrepreneurship, about innovation and about creating jobs for others. Each has unique talents and aspirations. Each have the determination to succeed. Each will carve their own path. All of  them will be forever known as the inaugural class of UB's Entrepreneurship Fellows. Learn more about them by reading their bios.

Jesse Alton 

Jesse Alton, entrepreneur


Alex Greif 

Alex Greif, entrepreneur

Jacob Harryman  

Jacob Harryman, entrepreneur


Emily Kim 

Emily Lee, entrepreneur


Asad Rizvi   

Asad Rizvi, entrepreneur

Chris Wilson

 Chris Wilson, entrepreneur