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Merrick School of Business

Name Emily's Company

Help Emily Re-brand Dazzleous

Take it from Emily Kim, a student in the Merrick School of Business and a member of our inaugural class of Entrepreneurship Fellows: Your name is your brand—and both have to be strong in order to thrive.

"As University of Baltimore Entrepreneurship Fellow, I'm learning to think bigger and more creatively when it comes to my new venture. That is why I'm seeking your help.

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"In November of 2013, I launched an online clothing company, I'm proud to say that the company has done really well thus far and it has been fun bringing fashionable looks from Asia and Europe to the U.S. market. But, even with the success I've had already, I've decided to rename it—and to do so with your help."

What Does 'Dazzleous' Mean?

"I originally decided on the name Dazzleous after thinking about the characteristics of one of the most sought-after gems on earth—the diamond. I equated a diamond as something forever-lasting and something that seems to stand out from other gems. I envisioned my future customers as ones who would stand out in the clothes they bought from us. I also hoped that their unique style would allow them to feel great and dazzling while wearing the fashions."

But now Emily thinks there can be a better name for what her company stands for and what it delivers to its customers. That's where you come in.

How to Help

"I've created a quick survey for those University of Baltimore students, faculty and staff who want to participate in this excited re-branding project.

"Here are some key points I'm looking for in a new name: 

  • it's unique,
  • it's short,
  • it has meaning behind it,
  • it has an available web domain.

"And for all your hard work, I'll present the person who provides the winning name with a $50 gift card and an acknowledgment on my website. To top it off, you'll be invited to an upcoming photo shoot."

The Company's Scope

"My company is a online fashion retailer for women. I evaluate the fashion trends of Asia and Europe and sell these unique and fashion-forward looks to my customers.

"Thank you in advance for helping me build a bigger and better company."

Emily Kim, entrepreneur  Emily Kim
  CEO, Dazzleous
  University of Baltimore
  Entrepreneurship Fellow