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Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson, entrepreneur

I'm on a mission to help build and advance an ecosystem of social innovation and inclusive economic development for Baltimore. It’s the perfect time for the city to adopt a more entrepreneurial approach.

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson was born and raised in Washington, D.C. From an early age, he yearned to explore the world around him. He read books, climbed trees and played chess – the indicators of a curious mind. He also liked meeting people, a passion that resulted in his earning an Associate of Arts Degree from Anne Arundel Community College, with a Letter of Recognition in Applied Sociology. Wilson had no plans to stop there. Taking inspiration from Plato’s allegory of the cave, he kept searching for self-enlightenment and a path that would allow him to help people and build community. It didn’t take long for him to find his way to UB, where he is simultaneously earning a business degree  while also establishing himself as a resource coordinator for the Greater Homewood Community Corporation. Now, is this enough for Wilson? No way! This fall, he was accepted into the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program, taking his experiences in growing a small business to new heights. He is determined to scale up his successes in industries like construction and furniture restoration, all of which point back to one thing: he believes in the power of people working together. So far, it’s really working.

After graduating from community college, he formed a self-help book club, a foreign language club and managed a career center. Wilson has found much of his life’s inspiration in a parable from The Republic titled “The Allegory of the Cave.” The main idea of this story explores the importance of people’s perception of reality. Hundreds of books later, Wilson began to focus on self-enlightenment and empowering people in his community through education.

In 2012, Chris came to Baltimore to earn a business degree from the University of Baltimore and to start a new job with the Greater Homewood Community Corporation as a community builder and workforce resource coordinator in central Baltimore. A year later, Chris was promoted to director of community workforce development and had started two profitable social enterprises that have resulted in fifteen new local jobs.  

In the fall of 2013, Chris was accepted into the University of Baltimore’s new Entrepreneurship Fellows Program, and will work with a small cohort of like-minded students, professors and local entrepreneurs to grow his businesses and have a deeper social impact in the community where he lives and works.