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Internship Guidelines - SL

School of Law

Revised 4/95,12/99, and 5/05

  1. Students are required to spend all 14 weeks of the semester in their placements.
  2. Except for the Securities and Exchange Commission Internship, students are allowed to take only three or four credit internships.
  3. It is recommended to faculty members who teach the Internship Program that the Program be bifurcated into students who intern with judges and those who do not.
  4. The classroom component shall meet for at least seven classroom periods of seventy-five minutes each semester, but there is no requirement that there be bi-weekly classroom meetings.
  5. Enrollment in the Program shall be strictly limited to 28 students per faculty member per semester.
  6. The faculty member shall meet at the site of each internship at least once each semester with the supervisor and the student.
  7. The faculty member shall meet in a non-classroom setting (either individually or in small groups) at least four times during the semester to discuss the student's placement. At least one of these meetings should take place early in the semester, to determine if there are any problems with the placement.
  8. The internship should constitute no less than 25% of a faculty member's total professional workload in any term.
  9. The pre-registration process for the Program, which involves an application by interested students after attending an orientation program, and which allows the faculty member teaching the Program to reserve places for students in the Program, should be continued.
  10. Faculty members teaching the program are required to have an orientation session on professional responsibility and the learning contract for students alerts supervising attorneys to whether students have completed or are taking a course in professional responsibility.