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UB Accident Leave

  1. A faculty member who, in the actual performance of his/her duties, sustains an accidental personal injury that is otherwise compensable under the Maryland Worker's Compensation Law, shall be granted accident leave with full pay if, after medical examination, a physician certifies that the injury or accident disables the employee from performing the duties of their job without reasonable accommodation. Accident leave is available only to those who file a first report of injury with the Department of Public Safety immediately after the accident and who are eligible for sick leave and have not waived those rights.
  2. Accident leave shall be granted from the date of the job-related injury until a physician certifies that the individual is healed and is physically able to return to work. The period of accident leave must be supported by a valid physician's certificate. In no event may accident leave be extended beyond one year from the date the accidental personal injury occurred.
  3. Accident leave is not sick leave. A faculty member on accident leave status will continue to earn sick leave credits. Holiday leave will be reported for scheduled holidays occurring during the period of accident leave.
  4. After the injured faculty member has used all available accident leave and does not elect to receive temporary total benefits, he/she may use other leave with pay, including sick leave, annual leave (for 12-month faculty), and holiday leave. If, after using all leave with pay, the individual does not elect to receive temporary total benefits, he/she may request the president to extend sick leave for a period not to exceed 60 days. After the use of all possible leave with pay, the individual shall be placed on leave of absence without pay not to exceed one year.
  5. Payment for accident leave shall be at a rate of no greater than 2/3 of full pay.
  6. The injured employee shall not receive temporary total benefits under Worker's Compensation while receiving accident leave with full pay and shall not be paid any other leave benefits while on accident leave.