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UB Sick Leave

Sick leave may be utilized only for an illness of the faculty member; illness or death in the immediate family of the faculty member; or for dental, medical, or other health care appointments by the faculty member. Sick leave shall be available on an as needed basis to the extent earned.

I. Earnings

Sick leave is credited to a faculty member at the rate of 1.25 days per contract month. Unused leave shall be accumulated and shall be available to faculty for sick leave at any time (effective 1/1/78).

Part-time faculty members who are designated as permanent half-time (i.e., a faculty member appointed into an authorized budgeted position at less than full-time, but at least half-time, as distinguished from a "temporary" faculty member) or more shall have sick leave credited proportionate to the percentage of their employment. Faculty who are employed at less than 50% earn no leave.

Sick leave is accrued while the faculty member is on sabbatical leave or other leave with pay but not while on leave of absence without pay.

II. Reporting

For sick leave purposes, "work day" is defined as any day designated as such by the university/college in the published academic calendar of the institution where the faculty member is employed and which specifies scheduled days for regular week day classroom instruction, registra¬tion, examinations, or other days within the annual contractual period if so designated by the institution.

Positive time reporting is required. All faculty members contracted for the regular academic year are required to complete a monthly leave report. All 12-month faculty must complete the regular administrative timesheet, recording duty days and any sick leave used.

All faculty required to complete monthly reports shall submit them no later than the fifth day of the month following to the division/department chairperson for record and verification. Twelve-month faculty will be required to submit on a bi-weekly basis.

Consolidated Faculty Sick Leave Reports shall be maintained by the university/college for auditing purposes, and these also shall serve as a permanent record for faculty members for purposes of verifying credit for unused sick leave for transfer or toward retirement benefits.

If a faculty member wishes to be exempt from time reporting, he/she may waive all rights to leave by signing an exemption form.

III. Use of Sick Leave

When a faculty member is incapacitated for brief periods by illness, injury, or childbirth, the "collegial" method (described in UMS Policy on Accident and Creditable and Non-creditable Sick Leave for Faculty Members) of accommodating faculty disability is preferred. To be granted collegially supported sick leave, a faculty member's class(es) must be assumed by a colleague or colleagues on a voluntary basis. This method may be used when practicable up to a maximum of 25 work days for each faculty member in one fiscal year. After that time, creditable sick leave will be charged.

A faculty member may be required to present appropriate diagnostic or medical evidence to support his/her sick leave request. Such documentation should include the period of absence, and, if an extended illness, the prognosis regarding the faculty member's ability to return to work. Statements from a physician, such as "John Doe has been under my care from ______ to_____ ." are not acceptable for this purpose. A positive statement which documents the period of absence is required; i.e., "John Doe has been under my care and unable to work from _____ to____ ."

The president has the authority to deduct from the salary check of any faculty member who does not comply with this requirement an amount equivalent to such faculty member's compensation for the period of time for which he/she was absent from work. Prior to making such deduction, the president shall advise the faculty member in writing of his specific reasons for such action, the amount proposed to be deducted, and the faculty member shall have ten days from the date of such notice in which to request an opportunity to be heard by the president or his designee before such deduction is made.

IV. Retirement Credit for Accumulated Sick Leave

Faculty members, upon termination of service with the State of Maryland other than by retirement, shall forfeit any accumulated sick leave. Upon termination by retirement, faculty members who are enrolled in the Maryland State Retirement System or Pension System shall be entitled to have their accumulated sick leave added to their service at the rate of 22 days for each month of service for the purpose of determining their retirement benefits. Final determination as to the appropriate amount of accumulated sick leave to be added to service for the purpose of determining retirement benefits shall rest with the Maryland State Retirement System. Faculty members who are enrolled in one of the optional retirement plans or elect Deferred Maryland State do not receive credit for accumulated sick leave.