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Performance Evaluation of Faculty - YGLCA

Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts 1.4.3.

During April, faculty complete a faculty information form, which they submit to their department chairpersons.

During April, department chairpersons complete a faculty evaluation, which they review with each faculty member. Both the faculty information sheet and the department chairperson's evaluation (signed by both the department chairperson and the faculty member) are submitted to the dean of the college.

During the month of March, faculty members have an opportunity to evaluate their department and make recommendations of curricular changes, structural changes and the way in which they are allowed to participate in the governance of their department.

All departments use the college form for student evaluation. It is expected that all full-time faculty will have students evaluate all their classes each semester. Students should distribute forms while the instructor is not present, seal the form in an envelope and deliver it to the college office. After grades are in, these forms are available to the faculty member through his/her department chairperson.

Since teaching is a critical element in the process used to determine reappointments, merit increases, tenure, and promotion, it is important for faculty to be sure that an on-going record of teaching evaluations be kept. Lacking these, faculty who are being considered for reappointment, merit increases, tenure, or promotion may find it difficult to argue about their teaching ability.