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Comprehensive Review of Tenured Faculty - MSB

Merrick School of Business 1.3.4. Approved by MSB Faculty Senate October 29, 2004
Approved by President May 22, 2006

I. Preamble

The Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland (USM) established the principle of faculty evaluation in its policy on Evaluation of Performance of Faculty (II - 1.20) and the principle of accountability for faculty workload and performance in its policy on Faculty Workload and Responsibilities (II - 1.25). To coordinate and implement these principles, as they apply to tenured faculty, the Board of Regents has required that each member institution establish a policy on the comprehensive review of tenured faculty as well as procedures to implement such a policy. Pursuant to this mandate, the University of Baltimore has established such a policy, which requires that the School of Business develop procedures to carry out this system of review, and develop criteria for the assessment of faculty performance.

This Policy Statement constitutes such procedures and criteria for the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business.

To facilitate continued professional development of the faculty, tenured faculty members will undergo formal, periodic peer review of their professional activities.

The review process described below will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the preservation of academic freedom. This review process is separate from and may not be substituted, directly or indirectly, for the UMS and institutional policies and procedures relating to the termination of tenured appointments, which are in no way amended by this policy.  

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II. Membership of Personnel Committee

  1. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will perform the comprehensive review of tenured faculty. The Committee shall be composed of two full-time tenured professors from each department in the Merrick School of Business as outlined under the policies and procedures for promotion and tenure in the Faculty Handbook.
  2. A person who is a member of the Promotion and Tenure Committee in a year in which he or she is to be reviewed under this policy shall be replaced by the designated alternate from that department for the duration of the deliberation of that member by the committee.
  3. A faculty member may challenge any member of the Promotion and Tenure Committee for cause (bias or prejudice). Such challenge will be made in confidence to the Associate Dean. If the Associate Dean sustains the challenge, the challenged member will not participate in the consideration of the challenging faculty member, whose evaluation will be conducted by the remaining members. Individual members of the Promotion and Tenure Committee will also have the power to recuse themselves from consideration of any faculty member, if they believe they cannot render a fair and impartial judgment. 

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III. Scope of Review

  1. The Scope of the Review will be teaching, scholarship and service.
  2. Faculty productivity will be evaluated in accordance with the Business School's Faculty workload policy, with due regard to the allocations contained in the individual's workload allocation.
  3. Evidence of continuous improvement in the area of teaching, research and service will be examined. 

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IV. Process of Review

  1. Each faculty member to be reviewed will be notified in writing by May 1 of the previous academic year, by the Dean. Faculty members will be subject to review in the fifth year after their last review for tenure or promotion.
  2. Subject to IV(A) above, tenured members of the faculty will be reviewed every five years except that separate reviews conducted for promotion or tenure will substitute for faculty review under this policy.
  3. Each faculty member under review will supply to the Promotion and Tenure Committee, by September 15th, a written report, detailing his or her teaching, scholarship, and service for the previous five years. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will provide the guidelines for this report to all faculty by June 1.
  4. In addition to the faculty member's report, the Promotion and Tenure Committee may consider other reliable sources of information, including, but not limited to: written materials associated with the faculty member's annual salary/workload reviews, their annual workload allocation, scholarly publications, and student evaluations.
  5. The Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee will appoint from among the committee a reporter for each faculty member under review. The reporter must be of the same or senior rank than the faculty member under review. Selection of the reporter must be approved by a majority of the committee. The Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee may also serve as a reporter. At any time in the process, a reporter may be replaced by another member of the committee, by vote of a majority of the other committee members.

    The reporter will have the responsibility of examining the appropriate written materials.

    The reporter will give a preliminary evaluation to the full Promotion and Tenure Committee. After discussion by the committee the reporter will submit a proposed report to the full committee for its amendment and approval. A report approved by a majority of the committee will become the committee's preliminary report.
  6. If approval of any report is not unanimous, dissenting members may submit a minority report. The members of the committee will sign the version of the report to which they subscribe.
  7. For each area under review (teaching, scholarship and service) the report will indicate whether the faculty member meets expectations or does not meet expectations in that area. A statement will present suggestions for continuous improvement.
  8. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will give a copy of its preliminary report to the faculty member under review by March 1.

    The faculty member will have fourteen days to give a written response to the committee, if he or she so wishes.

    After giving consideration to the faculty member's response, the committee will issue its final report by April 15, supplying a copy of the report to the faculty member and to the Dean and the Department Chair.

    The faculty member will have fourteen days to give a formal written response to the Committee's final report. Such response will be provided to the Committee and to the Dean and the Department Chair and will be appended to the Committee's final report.

    The Promotion and Tenure Committee will keep all discussions confidential. The Committee will keep its reports confidential, providing them only to the faculty member under review, the Dean, and the Department Chair. The faculty member under review may waive the confidentiality of the report.  

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V. Promulgation of the Post-Tenure Review Operating Procedures

The Post-Tenure Review Operating Procedures will be circulated to all faculty and appropriate administrators by June 1 of each year, and will be available on request in the future from the Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee.  

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