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Professional Commitment of Faculty - UB

I. Commitment to the Institution

With the acceptance of a full-time faculty appointment at the University of Baltimore, one makes a major professional commitment to the mission and goals of the university and its students with the essential components of instruction; student direction and advisement; research; professional, public and institutional service; and administration. These vary in their relative distribution of time according to the particular talents and interests of the faculty member and the needs of the university.

Consulting or professional services rendered within the university during an appointment period may not carry a stipend except with the advance approval of the president or the president's designee.

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II. External Commitments

Professional consulting and other external professional activities, whether income-producing or not, may be undertaken only when it is assured that all responsibilities associated with the faculty member's position are fully satisfied and will continue to be met. Ordinarily, these activities shall be undertaken only when their performance gives promise of enhancing the professional standing of the faculty member or contributing to the fulfillment of the mission of the university.

The following standards (A and B, below) apply to all faculty members of the university, whether the appointment is full-time or part-time.

  1. Professional Consulting
    1. Consulting or professional services which carry a stipend and are rendered to another institution in the University System of Maryland or another State agency in Maryland require the advance approval of the president or president's designee.
    2. A faculty member may not make substantial use of the physical resources of his or her institution in connection with consulting activities unless the institution is reimbursed in accordance with prior arrangements, or unless such reimbursement is waived by the president or president's designee of the affected institution.
    3. A faculty member shall not convey endorsement by the university or the University System of Maryland of the recommendations or results from his or her consulting activities.
    4. No individual shall enter into any agreement in the pursuit of consulting services which conflicts with the University System of Maryland policy on intellectual property without the written waiver or consent of the chancellor or designee.
  2. Conflict of Interest and/or Commitment

    Although external activities enhance the university, they also bring with them the potential for conflicts of interest of commitment. A conflict of interest arises when the faculty member influences, or is in a position to influence, the university's decisions for personal financial gain or benefit. A conflict of commitment situation arises when outside activities substantially interfere with the person's obligation to students, colleagues, or the institution.

    1. It is recognized that some situations carry the potential for conflict, while not manifesting an actual conflict because of careful attention to ethics on the part of the faculty member and the institution. In instances where a conflict or appearance of conflict of interest may arise in the context of the State Ethics Law, an advisory opinion should be obtained from the State Ethics Commission.
    2. In situations which have the appearance of conflict, a faculty member must inform the dean or dean's designee.

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III. Application

  1. Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed as imposing any obligations on faculty members to the university or to the University System of Maryland beyond those required by law or contract, nor as adding any grounds for termination of a faculty appointment beyond those stipulated in the policies governing faculty appointments, ranks, and tenure, as approved by the Board of Regents.
  2. Each faculty member shall file an annual report of all proposed outside professional consulting and external professional services with the dean of the faculty member's school. The report shall detail the faculty member's proposed outside professional consulting or external professional services. The faculty member shall affirm that such services will not interfere substantially with the faculty member's responsibilities to students, colleagues, or the university. In the event of any material change, the faculty member shall file a revised report.