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Development and Maintenance Salary Structure - UB

University of Baltimore

Approved by President Turner on February 23, 2000

I. Purpose and Applicability

This policy establishes guidelines (A) for the revision and adjustment of salary structures; (B) for the administration of individual salaries upon salary structure revision and adjustment; and (C) for the development and maintenance of a job evaluation program. This policy is applicable to University non-faculty positions, which are exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

II. Development and Assignment of Market-Based Salary Ranges to Jobs

  1. Authority to develop and revise salary ranges for each job shall rest with the University President or his designee.
  2. It is the goal of the University to maintain the midpoint of the salary range for each job equal to the current average salary paid for comparable jobs within the appropriate job market. To this end, the Office of Human Resources will, annually, review jobs to their markets and make recommendations for salary range adjustments indicated by the data and this policy.
  3. Determination of the appropriate job markets shall be made by the Director of Human Resources in consultation with the relevant Vice President(s) or Dean(s).
  4. When directly comparable market data is not available or contra-indicative, the relative value of the job to all other University jobs in terms of its contribution to the University’s mission may be taken into consideration and reflected in the salary range assigned.
  5. An employee’s pay within the designated job salary range shall be in accordance with the employee’s performance in contributing to departmental and/or institutional goals.

III. Impact of Adjustments to Salary Ranges

  1. Increase in Salary Range
    1. When the salary range of a job is changed to show a higher minimum salary, the salary of any incumbent, which is below the new minimum, will be moved to the new minimum of the range.
    2. To the degree that funds permit, the salaries of all employees in that job which fall between the minimum and maximum of the former range may be adjusted in some stated proportion to the change in the minimum and maximum salaries of the range. Such proportion, if any, will be annually determined and promulgated by the President upon the advice of his staff and be applicable to all exempt jobs affected by an increase in their salary range.
  2. Decrease in Salary Range
    1. In the event that the salary range of a job is changed to a new salary range that has a lower maximum salary, any incumbent whose salary is above the new maximum will not experience a reduction in salary.