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The Staff Senate, part of shared governance at UB, represents Exempt, Non-exempt not represented by the union and Contractual II employees.

If you fall into one of the categories of employees that the Staff Senate represents, you are welcome to attend our monthly meetings. If you do not receive e-mail announcements about our monthly meetings, please contact us.

Bylaws  - last revision Nov. 22, 2013

Current Documents

2014-15 Action Plan
2013-14 Accomplishments and Challenges
Campus Priorities for FY2015 Budget Call, University Budget Committee

Executive Board and Staff Senators

Kristen Tull

Kristen Tull, chair

Bill Schnirel

Bill Schnirel, vice chair

male silhouette

John Brenner, secretary

Karyn Schulz

Karyn Schulz, parliamentarian

Sasha Hudson

Sasha Hudson, Council of University System Staff representative


Fred Kowalski, Council of University System Staff representative


James Hale

Institutional Advancement
Office of Technology Services

Michael Campitelli

Michael Campitelli

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs


Leslie Metzger

School of Law
Merrick School of Business



Keiver Jordan , Council of University System Staff alternate

Administration and Finance



Ronnie Brown, College of Arts and Sciences

College of Public Affairs


The Staff Senate would like to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on any issues or concerns you might have or on the programming we sponsor. Feel free to e-mail us your thoughts.

Last Published 6/17/15