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a fall 2014 learning community on a field trip to Busyboys and Poets

They say two heads are better than one. At UB, we think a whole bunch of heads are better than one.

So we've developed learning communities, a set of two or three thematically linked courses in which you can learn and develop skills along with your classmates during your freshman year.

Here's how it works:

  • Two days a week you'll attend classes with the students and professors in your learning community. From day one, you'll get to know your teachers and classmates—small-college contact in a professional university setting.
  • Your learning community classes are thematically linked and provide an integrated approach to interdisciplinary education, mirroring how knowledge works in the real world.
  • These classes will satisfy some of your freshman year requirements, including social sciences, humanities, information literacy and oral communication.
  • Depending on your schedule and your life responsibilities, you'll have time to interact with other freshmen outside of your learning community, see professors, do service projects, go to the library, participate in community engagement initiatives and more. In other words, you'll connect with the campus around you.

Your classes will be interactive and flexible. You might:

  • take a bus to the Inner Harbor and have a class in a new setting
  • enjoy a movie or participate in a group discussion
  • pair your skills with those of other students to collaborate on a group project
  • find yourself putting the textbook aside to experience hands-on learning.

photo above: a fall 2014 learning community on a field trip to Busboys and Poets

Last Published 8/26/15